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A+ Energy Efficiency

A+ Energy Efficiency

The need to save energy and resources has never been more important than now. Beko with its enviromental vision provides A+ and A++ -10% energy efficient dishwashers.



WaterSafe+ provides extra safety by automatically shutting off the water supply if the water inlet hose begins to leak.

General Features
Cutlery Basket Bilgi Slim Size Symphony PH Bilgi
Mug Shelf Bilgi Fixed Bilgi
Number of Mug Shelves Bilgi 4 Bilgi
Number of Programs (DW) Bilgi 5 Bilgi
Program 1 Bilgi Eco 50 Bilgi
Program 2 Bilgi Intensive 70 Bilgi
Program 3 Bilgi Clean&Shine Bilgi
Program 4 Bilgi Quick&Shine Bilgi
Program 5 Bilgi Mini 30 Bilgi
Lower Basket Wheel Type Bilgi Symphony Bilgi
Water Softener Cap Bilgi Symphony Design Bilgi
Rinse Aid Indicator Bilgi Yes Bilgi
Heating Element (W) Bilgi 1800 W Bilgi
Water Connection Inlet Type Bilgi Standard Inlet Bilgi
Water Consumption - Sales (liters-gallon) Bilgi 13 L Bilgi
Niche height Bilgi 85 cm Bilgi
Type (DW) Bilgi Freestanding Bilgi
Tub Bilgi Stainless Steel Tub Bilgi
Product Main Color Bilgi Silver Bilgi
Number of Place Settings Bilgi 10 Bilgi
Energy Performance - Sales Bilgi A+ Bilgi
Drying Performance Bilgi A Bilgi
Noise Level - Sales dB(A) Bilgi 50 Bilgi
Energy Consumption (kWh/cycle) Bilgi 0.83 kWh Bilgi
Declaration Program Duration Bilgi 200 Bilgi
Annual Energy Consumption (kWh/year) Bilgi 237 Bilgi
Annual Water Consumption (liter-gallon) Bilgi 3640 Bilgi
Power Consumption in ‘off-mode’ (Po) (W) Bilgi 0.08 Bilgi
Power Consumption in 'left-on mode' (Pl) (W) Bilgi 0.42 Bilgi
Filter Bilgi Partial Metal Bilgi
Number of Spray Levels Bilgi 3 Bilgi
Top Spray Type Bilgi Nozzle Bilgi
Maximum Current Intensity (A)(DW) Bilgi 10 Bilgi
Drying System Bilgi Hot Air Drying Bilgi
Isolation Type Bilgi Regular Bilgi
Water Softening Capacity Bilgi 50 dH Bilgi
Detergent Dispenser Type Bilgi Standard Bilgi
Program Temperatures Bilgi 35-50-60-65-70 Bilgi
Program Control Bilgi K-b Bilgi
Screen Type Bilgi LED Bilgi
Regeneration Type Bilgi Manual Bilgi
Circulation Motor Type Bilgi Standard Bilgi
Discharge Motor Type Bilgi Standard Bilgi
Odour Removal Function Bilgi No Bilgi
Water Safety System Bilgi Overflow Safety Bilgi
Lego Color Bilgi No Lego Bilgi
Buttons Color Bilgi Silver - ARC 745 Bilgi
Basket Color Bilgi Light Grey - RAL 7035 Bilgi
Glass Care System Bilgi No Bilgi
Upper Basket Adjustment Type Bilgi Unloaded adjustable Bilgi
Depth - Unpacked Bilgi 60.0 cm Bilgi
Width - Unpacked Bilgi 44.8 cm Bilgi
Height - Unpacked Bilgi 85.0 cm Bilgi
Weight - Unpacked (kg) Bilgi 39.2 kg Bilgi
Accessories (DW) Bilgi No Bilgi
Intensive Lower Rack Washing Function Bilgi No Bilgi